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My hustle is my business.  I believe in providing value for a company or a person to improve on what they will potentially become.  I get a kick out of seeing people realize their behaviors and make a change. Their realization may be very minuscule, but I feel it and,...

I appreciate small business customers. I am the marketing, advertising, selling, operations, and an accountant for my business. In 2 months I have enjoyed this crazy ride of being an entrepreneur.  I appreciate everyone liking, sharing my blog, my sites, and buying the...

Being grateful and being kind are different processes but can be incorporated with each other.  Gratitude comes in many forms:  a thank you note, recognizing a person for their contribution in a group or tagging them on Facebook, or the reliable goody bag at the end of...

We connect in so many ways. We may think we are not connecting but even in our silence, we connect. Communication is different than connection.  Many of us grew up thinking that person A speaks and person B listens then person B speaks and person A listens.  Unfortunat...

My body is falling apart.  I realize that about 7 years ago in between the Aloha Run and the American Cancer Society Walk.  I felt that twinge in my hip. The doctor told me to stop entering races. I have this love hate relationship with exercise since that twinge.  I’v...

I’ve been a speaker since I was in sixth grade.  My mother enrolled me in Japanese  school at the Hanapepe Hongwangi Mission.  Now, I was a trouble maker and gave my poor sensei a very hard time.  The administrators and the teachers were all very patient with me.  An a...

Being a Filipina, we surround ourselves with beauty.  We  have the great mixture of ethnicities and I know we are gorgeous.  I have been a fashionista all my life due to my mom, my sister, and my best friends.  My mother was a seamstress and created beautiful clothes f...

Today was my first day being an entrepreneur and creating my own business.  Started my day as a mom making breakfast for my son (I have not done this in 12 years) and finding medicine for my poor husband.  Then jumped in on checking on my emails, seeing if there were s...

On a journey to find my voice and to become a speaker and trainer, to support my family, to provide hope and inspiration, and the ultimate goal, to help people.  I will be posting once or twice a week to take you on this trip along with me.  Feedback – good or bad is v...


Welcome to my site.  I hope you enjoy my weekly blog of life as a new entrepreneur and achieving a dream while balancing on one leg. This is a lifelong dream that has been waiting for me.  I finally showed up.

Mahalo and please share this with the world.

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