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What if I Believed in You?

I've been off the grid with my blog since taking a step back and assessing my goals for this year. Testing some packages and dropping some. As I walk, or in my case hop, through this journey with my clients, I discovered that many of them need confidence and they have felt set backs, and failures and I know they will rise.

I go through failure every day. Making the wrong decisions and I carry on. That's the thing that you can do...is to pick yourself up and carry on. So you made a mistake, it's okay...Did the world end? And if, the world did stop, what is your next step from that mistake?

My mantra when I meet with a client I say to myself: let me support this person the best way I know how by discovering their strengths, see how far they will push themselves, and watch them grow (philosophy of bambooshoot). Clients seek help with improving their jobs and their lives. I encourage them to explore something more and go on that journey of self-discovery to find their strength.

I know that each one of you need someone that believes in you. Whether you like it or not, you have something to give to this world. Don't shortchange me or humanity by suppressing your gift. If you don't know it, you will discover that gift has been existing with you and around you all this time.

We get up every day, and some of us feel like it's a boxing ring where we have to fight battles. Some of us get up and go through the motions and don't remember how we got to work and operate on autopilot. A few of us get to fulfill a dream, a dream that was meant to alive so that others can see that their dreams are possible.

If you are in that ring, I am in your corner. I am more than a cheerleader. You will learn how to jab and weave. If you are feeling like a hamster on a wheel, I will open the cage door. If you have pushed that dream down deep in a dark place and can't find it, let's bring it out into the light because it needs to be brilliant and illuminate all of us.

I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?


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