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That Can Wait (Tackling Procrastination)

I'm starting a monthly series on FB on different behaviors and how we can change or improve on positive responses. I delve into semi-research, add a sprinkle of humor, and link great books and great resources like Youtube videos of amazing speakers talking about the subject.

Admittedly, I am a procrastinator at some things. When a subject or project excites me, I see it through and carry that ball until I cannot carry it anymore. When it's inputting in expenses into Quickbooks, then I am at a standstill. I am motivated when tax season comes around.

Why do we procrastinate things that are important to do? Dr. Wiegartz describes three reasons why we procrastinate. We may fear failure, fear success, or expect to have everything be perfect. Do you want to try and be a colossal flop? What if I am great at this and now everyone and their mother expects success each time? If it's not perfect, why should I even try?

There are a lot of reasons to procrastinate. It may be that we avoid the paper till the very end like Tim Urban's excellent presentation on the mind of a procrastinator. Did you name your monster or the monkey in your mind?

My monkey is like Dug in Up.

Did you click on the link to Dug because you stopped reading the article? I would have done the same thing.

I have many things to do like write a report for the facilitation I just did, create an event for Pinnacle Women Networking, create an event for Volunteer Leaders Hui, rework the speakers for BNI, find a family for a Greenheart International Student. I have more tasks like complete the minutes for Filipino Women's League,share about Amare, find volunteers for the Outreach and Care group at my church, and more. These are all good and meaningful distractions.

But (this is a colossal but-I know where your mind went), my goal is to share through speaking, training, and coaching to have conversations with the aim of harmonious discussion. There are many nuances to running your own business. The task I hate the most are receipts. I have to input them. I want the world to be a little kinder with their words and have chief compassionate officers in businesses, in organizations, in our community, and our families. Keep reminding me that we need to have peace in our world.

I also think (like I just did) we make the goal bigger than it is and we need to achieve that big lofty goal. Small steps are the ones that matter. Mel Robbins shares her method of the 5-second rule and making those quick decisions to get you one step closer. I know it's hard to get you to your goal, and the task is daunting.

Do that one thing that you need to do then move on to the next. An excellent book that addresses doing one task is The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. You can also tackle the task that you hate to do the most. Brian Tracy's book has 21 ways of stopping procrastination in Eat That Frog!

I coach on the real fact, that what you are doing is worth it. Recognize that people are waiting for you to achieve your goal, and they want you to succeed. I want you to succeed. You have to want your goal more than I want it. Let's get there together --- one small step or small hop at a time.

I'm going to take a nap now. Then get up and tackle those receipts.


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